Company Profile

HALLSTARZ BUSINESS CENTER is an independently owned and operated packing, shipping, printing and business services center established in 1985. Hallstarz is headquartered on the west side of Detroit, MI in a thriving Bagley community and on the border of the prestigious University District. We are professionally trained experts and members of the Detroit community who are dedicated to providing Super-Star Customer care in a convenient, efficient and friendly environment.

Hallstarz Business Center’s mission is to be the most trustworthy and reliable business center in your neighborhood or a neighborhood near you. We will forevermore provide phenomenal customer service and high-quality products at a competitive price. We thrive on being a place where our employees enjoy working and the community loves to support.


Hallstarz, LLC, formerly Hall’s Variety Mall, Inc., formerly Hall’s Shoe Repair was established in October of 1985 by Dewain and Vanessa Hall with the purchase of a 2,300 square foot building located at 17301 Livernois Ave, Detroit, MI 48221. This husband and wife team was inspired to go into business for themselves by both of their fathers who were Detroit business men. 

During the 1980’s, Hall’s Variety Mall began to flourish. Shoe repair and shine was the primary source of revenue. To optimize the use of the available space, Dewain and Vanessa began to incorporate other products and services into the business. These additional products and services included Income Tax Preparation, MI Lottery, Western Union, Copy Service, Secretarial Service, Private Mail Boxes, and Shipping via FedEx and UPS.

The beginning of the 1990’s was very promising. Hall’s Variety Mall was incorporated and doing business as Hall’s Variety Mall, Inc. (H.V.M. Inc.) Even though the early 90’s appeared to be very promising, it was also plagued with misfortunes. Due to various unforeseen circumstances, business was not so good. Revenues were down and many of the services were eliminated. H.V.M. Inc. was narrowly surviving by its shoe repair and income tax service. Dewain and Vanessa nearly lost the building they worked so hard to acquire. By the grace of God, along with their diligent prayer and work ethic, they were able to pay off the mortgage on the business in 1995. Thus, making Hallstarz a debt free company.

In the interim, Dewain and Vanessa had six sons. Dewain had a vision and prayer that his sons would work together in the family business. In the year 2000, God acknowledged Dewain’s prayers and his vision began to become a reality. Dewain’s first born son Mario graduated from Grambling State University and decided that he would return home to work in the family business. Together, this father and son team worked to build the business primarily through the income tax service. The business had grown to the point that they needed more help. Thus, Dewain’s second son, Marquis, decided to quit his job in Las Vegas, NV to come back to Detroit and work in the family business. Then the third son, Milton, joined followed by Mylan, Martez and finally Malik.

In 2006, the brothers decided to rename the business Hallstarz, LLC doing business as Hallstarz Business Center. Hallstarz is currently a privately held business owned and operated by a core family of six brothers working together towards the common goal of making Hallstarz Business Center a successful venture. Hallstarz represents the genesis of generational wealth for the Hall Family.